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Basic Supply List

Basic Supply List for Grades 1 - 5

Some of the basic supplies usually requested in grades 1-5 are:
-composition notebooks (at least 8)
-pocket folders
-crayola crayons
-colored markers (thick and thin markers)
-colored pencils
-glue sticks
-#2 sharpened pencils (lots of them)
-blue or black ink pens (grades 3-5)
-1 pack of composition paper (wide ruled – grades 2-5)
-box of facial tissue
-safety scissors
-post it notes or other sticky notes (size 3x3)
-teachers may ask for a fee to join a class book club and/or magazine (Scholastic, Troll, Time For Kids, etc)
-1 ream of white copy paper
-1 pack of multi-colored construction paper

Note:  Teachers may also request items based on special projects and assignments they are planning for the year.  The list above merely serves as a basic list for elementary students.

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