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A Message from our Master Ambassador Principal Wrighton

I am honored you have selected the Purvis J. Behan Elementary School as your home.  Each year we look forward to an exciting and enriching learning experience for our students.  You have selected a school that believes in creating experiences full of challenge, adventure, inquiry, discovery, and just plain old fun!  Having you and your child join our family will make this journey that more exciting.  Each year is filled with activities and events to enrich, motivate and inspire our children – and parents.  We are proud to say, our students love it here!

As we continue to expand our Schoolwide Enrichment model, look for more hands-on experiences, field trips, excursions and projects to enhance the curriculum and stimulate the minds of our children.  Our children have benefited from several partnerships and programs over the years including the Quiver Farms Chick Hatching Program, Mark Morris Dance Group, the NY Philharmonic, CookShop for Students, CookShop for Adults, Adopt a Farmbox, the NY Historical Society, Playworks, Friday Fusion, the PTA Enrichment Program, Hands-On Science Labs, Visual Arts, Movement and Music Program, Technology Program, and more.  Whether your child is a member of our multi-year award winning Robotics Team, School Band, and Drumline, or a published artist on the walls of PS11 – our canvas – we have something extra special within these walls just for you and your child.

With supportive, willing, eager and positive parents, we can only be successful in our endeavor to create a school that addresses the individual talents, strengths and needs of our children.  Coming together as a united front, we are powerful! United, we have and can make dreams become a reality for the Purvis J. Behan Elementary School, accomplishing the seemingly impossible for our children and entire community.  Come join the family and experience the energy, love and unity.


Master Ambassador Principal Wrighton

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