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SLT Field Test Info

PS11 School Leadership Team’s Field Testing Information
for 5th Grade Parents/Guardians

During the beginning of June 2015, the NY State Education Department (SED) will require schools in New York City to administer “field tests” for Pearson, the company that creates the standardized tests.  PS11 is one of those schools, and “field tests” in ELA (English Language Arts) - Writing will be administered to all 5th graders at some time during June 1 - June 10.  Unlike the regular state tests, “field tests” are not used to assess students’ skills or to evaluate the proficiency of teachers or schools.  Their sole purpose is to help Pearson determine the viability of their test questions. 

The PS11 School Leadership Team (SLT) has discussed this matter at length.  Parents have voiced concern that their children already take enough standardized tests and wonder why additional testing is necessary, particularly since there are also many “field test” questions embedded in the regular state tests.  They feel that the SED’s multimillion-dollar contract with Pearson effectively turns public schoolchildren into uncompensated market research subjects, while depriving them of scarce time for rich, genuine instruction. Neither the SED nor the NYC Department of Education asks parents for their consent to have their child participate in the “field tests”. Instead, schools are simply mandated to administer it. The SLT wishes to inform parents that students who decline to take the “field test” will not be penalized, nor will their teacher or the school.  Unlike the regular state tests, which require 95% school-wide compliance according to the SED, there is no minimum participation threshold for the “field test.”  

If you wish to decline the “field test” for your child please email Ms. Hope.

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