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SLT on State Testing

PS11 School Leadership Team’s Position on State Testing

The SLT at PS11 had been engaged in discussion regarding issues surrounding the New York State Testing program. Our main concerns are the following:

  1. Three days of Math and three days of ELA testing are too many for students in grades 3 to 5.
  2. Grade-promotion based on a single Test score is educationally unsound and places too much pressure on young children, thereby hindering their ability to learn.
  3. The increasing use of test results to evaluate teacher performance, school performance and student progress is not a fair or accurate method of assessment of either performance or progress.
  4. The over-reliance on Math and ELA test results minimizes and discounts the impact that arts, music and other cluster programs have on student learning.
  5. Both the 2012 Math and ELA exams contained errors.
  6. The 2012 Math and ELA exams should be released to the public in a timely manner.
  7. Field test questions were embedded in the regular Math and ELA exams. Why then are schools mandated to administer a separate Field Test during the week of June 5-8?
  8. The increased emphasis on testing disempowers Principals, Teachers, Students and Parents from participating and making decisions critical to student education.

The PS11 SLT offers parents, teachers and staff the following summary of organizations that are actively involved with organizing around testing issues: School Reform Organizations

The SLT has also written to various state and city officials to voice concern over the issues raised above. Letter to King

The SLT urges all concerned members of the community to write to their elected officials if they share similar concerns. A template for such a letter is here together with e-mail addresses for many of those individuals: Parent Letter Template (.doc download), Parent Letter Template (.pdf)

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