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Safety & Wellness

Emergency Closings and Delayed Openings

The Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education determines school closings and delayed openings by 6:00 am.  Parents can find updated information by checking the DOE website, by calling 311, or by listening to local news radio (1010 WINS), local TV stations, or cable channel NY1.  Any school closings will effectively cancel all field trips, after school programs and school transportation for that day.  If your child's class has a class parent, an email group may be established to relay information to families about any changes in the school day.  PS11 participates in the School-Messenger phone system.  Please direct all issues regarding the system to the school secretary in the main office.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

In case of an emergency requiring evacuation during the school day, students and staff will evacuate to the following sites (in this order):  Brown Memorial Church (484 Washington at Gates Avenues), secondary evacuation site is Emmanuel Baptist Church (279 Lafayette Avenue at St. James Place).


School Visitors

All visitors to the school are required to sign in and present picture identification.  Visitors must then go to the Main Office and obtain a Visitor’s Pass.  When exiting the building, please use the main doors on Waverly Avenue.


Nurse’s Office and Medication

A full-time school nurse is located in Room 119.  If a child is ill or injured during school hours, he or she will be taken to the nurse's office.  Should your child require medication to be administered, or have inhalers or eli-pens for emergency use, a parent must complete and submit a Medication Administration form, available from the school nurse.  No adults in the school are permitted to administer medication without this form. 



All students entering a New York City school for the first time must have a complete physical examination.  The comprehensive examination must include proof of all required immunizations.  Additionally, Pre-K and Kindergarten students must have an annual physical until they have reached their sixth birthday.  Please return all physical exam forms to your child’s teacher.  Notify the school nurse of any chronic conditions diagnosed in your child.


Blue Cards

Blue cards list emergency contact information and are required for all students.  Please be certain that cards are filled out completely and accurately.  All cards must be returned to the main office as soon as possible.  In the event the school needs to contact you regarding your child, it is important to list all the telephone numbers where you or your designated caregiver(s) can be reached during the school day.  Please provide at least two emergency numbers.  Children may not be released to anyone whose name does not appear on the blue card.  If information changes at any time during the year, parents must come into the main office and update the blue card.  



This team is made up of all of the administrators, teachers and the guidance staff.  The committee meets bi-monthly to discuss the needs of children who struggle academically or emotionally and to assist teachers in meeting those needs.  The C.A.R.E. Team helps to identify intervention strategies and programs that are appropriate for individual children.  If a parent is interested in initiating a private meeting with the C.A.R.E. Team regarding their child, they should speak to the school guidance counselor.

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