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Teacher Time Raffle

Teacher/Staff Time Raffle Winners!

A special thank you again to all the staff members for your generous donations. And the winners are...


Rasheda Rand - A trip to Ample Farms Ice Cream Parlor for winner + 3 friends
Jayan Walker 3-219

Ms. McCoy - Popcorn and a movie during a lunch period
Nia Davis 3-214


Ms. Mendoza - Pizza lunch and a trip to Barnes and Noble
Jayden Rey - K-108


Ms. Fetter - Pizza lunch and ices for winner + 3 friends 
Valentina 4-316


Mr. Beugoms - Summer Reading Shopping Spree
Jackson Kalemba K-106

Ms. Guiffreda (Ms. G) Science G6 Lunch with Nina, May, Ruby & T-Rex – Bring a friend to lunch in the science room – lunch will be provided

Sabine Murtha G28

Ms. Pitts/Ms. Son - A trip to the manicurist and a pizza lunch 
Isla Weaver K-117

Ms. Nolan 1-105 - A pizza lunch 

Mrs. Denman - Pizza and board games during lunchtime + 1 friend
Malik Burton 1-203

Ms. Jackson - Lunch in the park for winner + 1 friend
Sydney Hurley K-106

Ms. Crook - Afterschool pizza and icee for the winner + 1 friend
Josephine 2-212

Ms. Peacock - Lunchtime games and relays with icees in the gym for 5 winners + 4 friends each:

Liam Gonzalez K-117
Adam G26
Inara 2-206
Azelia McCall 2-212
Cassius Gibbs K-106

Ms. Son - Afternoon at Dave and Busters 
Fiona Oztan

Ms. Banyan Shepard -  Day at the Spa for the winner + 1 friend
Savannah 2-208

Ms. Banyan Shepard - Trip to Barnes and Noble for 1 book and a pizza lunch + 1 friend
Emmett R. 2-212

Ms. Manza - Afterschool lunch and manicures for the winner + 1 friend
Sabine Murtha G28

Mr. Rand - A day at Coney Island for the winner + 1 friend
Jaylen 306

Ms. Crupi/Ms. Stewart - Dave and Busters for the winner + 1 friend 
Zoe Shaw 1-103


Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winners!!

Thank you to parent volunteers Kimberly Murphy and Lauren Allen who organized the Teacher Time Raffle this year!



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