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1. Commitment to learning

We seek knowledge to better our community and ourselves.

• I can do anything when I work hard.

• I am valuable.


2. Respect

We treat people and our community with love and appreciation.
We treat each other as equals.

• I will listen to you.


3. Responsibility

We use our thoughts, words, and actions to make the school a better place.

• I know that how I act affects my friends and environment.
• I make a difference.


4. Compassion

We care about other people and their feelings.
When someone is feeling hurt or sad,
we reach out to help them.

• I am a good friend.


5. Accountability

When we cause harm, we apologize and accept the consequences.

• I take ownership of my actions.


6. Leadership

We set a good example by having the courage and the self-determination
to do what's right, especially when others are not.

• I am capable and powerful.


7. Trustworthiness

We are loyal to our friends and community.

• You can count on me.


8. Citizenship

We are active members of our community.
We speak up when someone is
endangering our community.
• I am one of many.

Our values allow us to peacefully exist as a community.

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