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Greetings Families

Welcome to another year of The PS 11 PTA After School Enrichment Program. We are delighted that you have registered your child in our After School Enrichment Program. To help keep you informed of our program, we have produced this Parent Guide. It includes important information about our policies and procedures. Please read it thoroughly and discuss it with your child at your earliest convenience. Some of our policies have changed so please read it carefully.

We appreciate you entrusting your child to our care. We provide every child with the opportunity to grow in a caring, fun, and safe environment. Students are encouraged to develop to their true potential in every way including emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. We offer many classes to foster this growth such as Architecture, Art, Capoeira, Coding, Dance, Drama, Double Dutch, Gardening, Gymnastics, Music, Robotics, Soccer, and so much more. We strive to support our students in becoming successful members of society.

We look forward to working with you and your child during this upcoming Enrichment cycle. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 917-601-4484 or


Simone LeConte, Director
and the After School Enrichment Staff

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About ASE

Mission Statement

To provide quality After School Enrichment programs that focus on the physical, social, and educational needs of our participants while keeping children safe and helping them achieve in school and in life.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop the whole child by promoting social acceptance, emotional well-being, intellectual ability, and physical health while providing enrichment in a safe, fun, and healthy environment.


To provide elementary-aged children the opportunity to participate in arts, performing arts, sports, educational, cultural, and STEAM enrichment programs; to build confidence and self-esteem; to make a difference in the life of a child.

Core Values

  1. The ASE Program is proud of its inclusive and diverse environment and we are accepting of families with differing life styles and ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

  2. We are committed to the principle of guiding children in a respectful way.

  3. We strive for the positive development of each child, which means helping children in their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development as well as encouraging good habits and positive attitude.

  4. Our program is based on a holistic approach to child development which focuses on the whole child through three primary areas of Academics, Enrichment and Health & Fitness.

  5. The health and safety of all children are our main concern.

  6. We value safety, learning, integrity, and human dignity.

  7. We aim to create loyalty and trust within the organization, with our partner organizations, and within the community.

  8. We strive to ensure that parents feel confident and informed about their child’s care, so that they do not worry about their child’s safety, health, happiness, or development when enrolled in our program.

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Policies + Procedures

Adherence to PS 11 Afterschool Enrichment Program Policies and Procedures is mandatory to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all participants. Parents and children enrolled in ASE must comply with the Afterschool Enrichment Program Policies and Procedures in order to remain an active participant in the program.


Registration is not confirmed until payment is received. Failure to make payment within 48 hours after enrollment will forfeit your child’s spot in the class. All classes must be paid for prior to the start of classes. Payment can be made by Debit/Credit Card, Cash, Check or Money Order. All checks should be made payable to: Public School 11 Parent Teacher’s Association. In order to register, all balances from previous semesters must be paid in full.


There is a $15 non-refundable registration fee required to enroll. This fee must be paid for each child that is registered. A separate registration fee must be paid for each child.


Refund requests must be made in writing. Refunds will be granted using the following guidelines: 100% refund of tuition prior to the start of classes. 75% refund of tuition during the first week through September 13, 2019. 50% refund during the second week through September 20, 2019. No refunds will be granted after September 20, 2019.


We offer three semesters of classes, including the Fall, Winter, and Spring semesters. The Fall 2019 cycle of the After School Enrichment Program begins on Monday, September 9th and ends on Monday, December 23, 2019.


The After School Enrichment Program operates from 2:30-6:00P throughout the school year in three cycles (Fall, Winter, Spring).


Children are escorted to the cafeteria by their teachers where they will be provided with a snack. The class instructors then take the children to their respective classroom for their enrichment class. After class they are escorted back to the cafeteria where they will remain until they are picked up. Students must be signed out by a parent, guardian, or designated individual indicated on the registration form when leaving the program. Individuals may be asked to show identification upon picking up the child. The child will not be permitted to leave ASE with anyone who is not indicated on the registration form without proper advanced notification. The After School Enrichment Director must be notified by telephone, text, or email, of any changes in the regular pick up of the child.


All pickups must take place in the cafeteria. Please do not go directly to your child’s class for pickup. Instructors will not release any child to a parent or guardian. For security purposes, please remember to sign your child out each day. We will make every effort to contact a person in the household or the emergency contact(s) to inform them that the child has not been picked up. If we are unable to reach anyone, the child will be brought to the main office after 6:30P to wait for the family member to pick up the child.


  1. It is imperative that your child is picked up on time at the end of their class.

  2. If your child is not enrolled in Extended Day, they must be picked up by 5:00. If you are late (past 5:00pm) you will be charged $1 per minute up to 6:30pm and $2 per minute after 6:30pm.

  3. If your child is enrolled in Extended Day, they must be picked up by 6:00. If you are late past 6:00 you will be charged $1 per minute up to 6:30 and $2 per minute after 6:30.

  4. Late fees must be paid on the day of the lateness but no later than the next enrichment class. If the late fees are not paid in a timely manner, the student will not be allowed to return until the late fees are paid.


PRE-K students will be escorted to Room G-32 at the end of the school day (2:30pm). They will be supervised by a PreK Teacher in this PreK classroom. They will also receive their snacks in this room. At 3:00, Instructors will pick them up from Room G-32 and take them to their enrichment class. At the end of class, PreK students will be escorted back to this room. All pickups for PreK students will take place in Room G-32.


Snack time takes place in the cafeteria between 2:30pm and 3:00pm for K-5th Grade Students. Each student will be provided with a snack upon arrival. If you would prefer to send snacks for your child, you are welcome to do so.


If your child has a food allergy, please inform us and provide your child with a snack for each day that they are with us.


Students enrolled in enrichment classes can participate in Universal Fun Fitness with our coaches from 3–3:50p (Grades 1–5) or 4–4:50PM (Grades Pre–K and K).


Homework Help will be provided for all PS 11 PTA After School Enrichment students in Grades K–5 from 5pm–6pm. Students must be enrolled in an enrichment class on the days that they utilize the Homework Help services. You can register online for this option. The fee is $25 per cycle for each day.


A portion of the children enrolled in ASE also participate in the Virtual Y after school program located at PS 11. The ASE staff sign the children out of the Virtual Y on the daily attendance sheet and sign them back into the Virtual Y after their enrichment class is over.


If your child will not be attending after school on any given day, please send us an email or text message so we are aware of the situation. Please note that we do not provide makeup sessions for absences.


If your child becomes ill or is hurt in any way, the parent/guardian will be immediately notified by phone. If we are unable to reach the parent/guardian, the emergency contact will be called. An accident report will be completed by the instructor in charge at the time of the occurrence. These accident reports will be kept in the child’s personal file in the After School Enrichment office located in Room 112. For serious medical problems, we will call 911 immediately.


ASE provides Emergency Childcare during the hours of 2:30–6:00. The cost is $10 per hour or any part of the hour. We must be notified prior to the use of this service.


If your child is not registered for enrichment on any given day, please do not contact any ASE Staff Members to watch your child until you arrive. Under no circumstances will a child be permitted to sit in on a class or remain in the cafeteria without payment of additional fees. Any unregistered children will be escorted to the main office to be picked up by a parent or guardian.


The After School Enrichment Program is a part of the PS 11 PTA. ASE is staffed by a group of professionals who are committed to the well-being and success of all children. Each member is crucial to the success of our After School Enrichment program.

Several of our instructors are Department of Education teachers right here at PS 11. They provide a wealth of experience and expertise to our After School Enrichment program. Other instructors and programs provide specialized skills and talents that are helpful to our program.


Children are asked to adhere to all After school Enrichment Program policies and procedure including the following:

  1. Respect all staff members and other students

  2. Respect all classroom rules

  3. Clean up after themselves

  4. Be responsible for their belongings. (Label your child’s outer clothing and book bag.) We are not responsible for any lost or damaged clothing or other belongings.

  5. Refrain from bringing toys to ASE. We are not responsible for lost or damaged toys.

  6. Walk safely in the building and speak in an appropriate tone and volume

  7. Respect the rights and property of other students.

  8. Always keep their hands and feet to themselves

  9. Take care of all PS 11 classrooms, materials and all property belonging to the ASE.

  10. Refrain from chewing gum or eating candy

  11. Always ask permission before leaving the ASE Program area

  12. Under no circumstances is a child in our program allowed to leave the building to go to the ice cream truck, store, park, etc.

  13. Notify an ASE staff member immediately regarding any issues.


Failure by the child to comply with ASE Policies and Procedure will be documented and may result in disciplinary actions. Children may be alerted with warnings, time-outs, and/or discussions that involve the child, parent/guardian, and staff. Repeated failures to comply beyond such initial warnings may result in suspension from the program, where the child cannot participate in ASE for a certain period of time, to be determined by staff as appropriate. The first suspension will be one day. The second suspension will be two days. The third suspension will be one week. After that, the student will be suspended from the program.


Please send your child to school with appropriate clothing for the classes they are attending. Children who are signed up for sports classes can wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Children who are signed up for dance classes can wear comfortable clothing to class. Parents will receive written instructions of what their child should wear for the end of the semester After School Enrichment Showcase performance.

Please pick up your child in a timely manner every day. We expect that all children will be dismissed by 6:00 p.m.


We strive to create an environment where all students feel safe and are able to express themselves, learn, and have fun. All students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately during After School Enrichment hours. Please review the program rules and expectations with your children. Students are expected to follow all ASE rules as well as the rules of each teacher or staff member.

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Code of Conduct

To help foster good behavior, we are asking all students to complete the Code of Conduct agreement with a parent/guardian. This agreement is between the PS 11 PTA After School Enrichment Program, your child, and you. By working together, we can ensure that all the children in our program have a successful and fun time!! Please read it carefully with your child, fill it out completely, and return it to the ASE office during the first week of After School Enrichment. Keep a copy for your future reference.


As a Student of the PS 11 PTA ASE Program, I pledge that I will:

  1. Follow all after school participation rules as well as the rules of ASE teachers or staff.

  2. Respect the rights and property of other students.

  3. Resolve conflicts peacefully without fighting or name calling

  4. Be respectful and courteous to all ASE staff and students.

  5. Never leave the classroom or building without permission of ASE staff or instructors.

  6. Take proper care of all PS 11 classrooms, materials and all ASE property.

  7. Appreciate the opportunity to be in the ASE program.

  8. Enjoy the experience and have fun while I learn!


We have read the Code of Conduct for the After School Enrichment Program. We have also read the Participation Rules, Parent Responsibilities, and the Student Responsibilities in this Parent Guide. We both agree to follow these rules and regulations and understand the consequences if we do not follow them.

As a Parent/Guardian of a child in the ASE Program, I agree to:

  1. Be on time every day to pickup my child or designate another adult to do so.

  2. Work with my child to ensure that ASE rules are followed.

As the PS 11 PTA ASE Program, we agree to:

  1. Provide a safe, nurturing, and comfortable place for students to grow and develop.

  2. Guide and assist students in their activities while allowing them space to grow and mature.

  3. Communicate successes as well as concerns about behavior to families.

  4. Engage students in fun activities that will have a positive impact on them.

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