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Ms. Abidemi Hope, Principal

We take a hands-on, discovery approach to learning with creative problem solving, divergent thinking, research, independent study, and self-evaluation occurring every day in each classroom.

Our students engage in writing in all learning areas, including art, science, and technology. Through the course of a child’s experience at PS 11, each student will receive art and music instruction, hands on science education, and an intensive literacy and mathematics curriculum.



In our quest to maximize student academic growth, teachers provide scaffolded and differentiated instruction based on student needs and ability levels in these areas of study.


Reading + Writing

PS 11 uses a comprehensive approach to English Language Arts which includes whole class explicit and systematic teaching of effective comprehension strategies and critical thinking skills alongside individual expression. Our writing instruction focuses on building the student’s ability to effectively write and produce high-quality writing pieces for a variety of audiences.


Through a workshops model, our standards-based math instruction seeks to achieve a conceptual understanding of fundamentals. Students are required to explain their thinking verbally and in writing, reason, and problem solve, use mathematical language, employ multiple solution strategies, and achieve accuracy.


Our standards-based science program teaches scientific inquiry and sparks the curiosity necessary to excel academically and in life. Emphasis is placed on hands-on approaches to learning science concepts. Opportunities are provided in the science labs for upper-grade students to interact with materials to construct explanations about their world around them.

Social Studies

Instruction in social studies focuses on building the student’s understanding of how important historical events and developments have shaped the modern world. The students use primary and secondary sources in their research and read nonfiction books and articles to develop a thorough understanding of major ideas, developments and turning points in history. Social studies can be a vehicle for a child to explore their sense of self and understand their lives within the long arc of circumstance, evolution, and change.

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PS 11 offers technology, art, music and physical education clusters to complement our core curriculum with a hands-on, discovery-based approach to learning.


Dance + Movement

Our dance and movement instruction uses imagery, form and rhythm to engage the child and promote self-discovery and physical well-being. This program is enhanced by our long-time partnership with world-renowned Alvin Ailey Dance that offers dance training and an opportunity to learn choreography in modern dance and methods from around the world that reflect the diverse citizenry of PS 11.


Theater and musical theater fosters creativity, collaboration, communication and courage in expression. Students explore performance through improvisation and story-telling and learn the fundamental components of artistic creation.

Instrumental Music

Students explore the characteristics of music in many cultures around the world while learning to master an instrument. There is a focus on concepts and composition systems and how to recognize musical styles and structures.

Physical Education

Physical education promotes health and well-being and provides an opportunity to reinforce core learning. In the lower grades, we focus on exploring the fundamentals of human movement and awareness. In the upper grades, students learn the importance of muscular strength and endurance along with development of athletic skills.


We strive to cultivate a love of the Spanish language using conversation and interactive modes of teaching. We begin with a focus on greetings and feelings with pre-K and 1st graders and move on to the environment and self through 3rd grade.


Our technology teacher collaborates with our classroom teachers on the current core curriculum to design, develop and evaluate authentic learning experiences that incorporate digital tools, concepts and resources to promote student learning and creativity.

Visual Arts

Instruction in the visual arts seeks to promote thoughtful expression. The students learn how various artists communicate their perceptions, responses and understanding of the world. From pre-K to 5th grade, every child engages in arts activities during the time at PS 11 that range from texture, senses and seasons to cityscapes and communities, and activism in art.

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We offer a range of programs to support growth for all types of learners and for children from a wide range of social and family situations.


Programs like Boys to Men and Sister Circle, for example, provide safe spaces for sharing that are adult-facilitated but children-led. There are also academic intervention programs in a small group setting for students at risk or not meeting grade level expectations.

  • Enhanced Learning opportunities like Lunch & Learn, reallocates additional time to reinforce class instruction.

  • Student Support focuses on strengthening reading and mathematical skills through our Academies and ICT.

  • Social Services works to provide intervention and support to children that need Guidance, Child Psychology, Social Work, Speech, and ENL assistance. 

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