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Our students develop a diverse perspective through culturally enriching experiences.

Rasheda Rand, Asst. Principal

PS 11 strives to develop well rounded children in an environment that is stimulating, diverse, secure, and stable. To meet this end, we have a rich arts program that celebrates and cultivates all students’ individual strengths and interests.

Each component of our arts program benefits our students by providing experiential learning, building vocabulary, strengthening problem solving and critical thinking skills, increasing creativity, and boosting confidence. All of these positive aspects add to overall academic achievement and school success. PS 11 also offers athletics programs that promote physical health and help the child gain confidence and a sense of self. While some programs are offered grade-wide, others are offered to select students based on assessments of interest and aptitude.


STEAM Residencies

Our partnerships with community-based organizations to provide a scientific, cultural or artistic exposures that empower students to explore the creative process and develop confidence.

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Alvin Ailey

Offers young people an opportunity to explore their creative potential and further develop life-skills such as teamwork and self-discipline by engaging 1st–5th graders with a variety of dance activities that meet our Arts-based Academic goals.


Provides science and ecology instruction for grades K-2 using the school garden as its classroom. They grow lots of delicious and nutritious foods along the way the children help harvest.

Lego Robotics

Fosters a love for engineering and problem-solving using Lego Robotics tools and parts.


Focuses primarily on encouraging curiosity and analytic abilities for lower-grade students, providing a solid foundation for the upper-grade Coding and Technology Curriculum.

Learning by Design

In partnership with the Center of Architecture, this residency is available to 1st graders and fosters hands-on learning by cultivating students’ observation skills, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

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Experiential Learning

Sometimes the best learning takes place outside the classroom. We take our scholars out to the real world so they can learn through reflection and relation.


PS 11 also organizes field trips which provide for experiences that support learning for various education units. For example, the annual 4th Grade trip to Washington DC or Philadelphia is an integral part of the American History, Human Impact and Making of a New Nation units.

Various off-site experiences afford our children an opportunity to strengthen their critical thinking and analytical skills, build vocabulary and increase creativity, all in a real-world setting. These include exploration of robotics and engineering fundamentals at the Robot Foundry or sustainability and ecology at the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm. 

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Culture shapes how we see ourselves, others and the world. Therefore, culture and language are interrelated. 


In order for students to acquire the linguistic and cultural empathy to excel in the global environment, PS 11’s World Language Program employs an immersion model and seeks to impart the following core concepts:

  • Language is at the heart of all human interactions and is needed to express precise ideas in various environments.

  • Culture shapes how we see ourselves, others and the world. Therefore, culture and language are interrelated.

  • Learning to communicate in a language other than your own, give one the ability to broaden their learning experience by connecting other disciplines through the study of geography, literature, art, and music.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive program through which students achieve proficiency in the targeted language. The students are selected based on interest, family support, and aptitude to enhance the likelihood of success with language acquisition and fluency. Currently, PS 11 offers Mandarin, Spanish and French immersion programs for select students beginning in Grade 1.

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Clubs + Teams

Clubs and team-sports foster community and collaboration while promoting group-based creativity. These activities are often inspired and led by students with teacher or staff supervision.


Art Club

Members create age appropriate artwork using a variety of media. The club is supported by the Art Teacher and oftentimes the projects integrate within the school setting.

Basketball Team

The PS 11 Red Storm competes within NYC with other primary school and nonprofit sponsored basketball teams. This is a great vehicle to foster teamwork, individual contribution, and build confidence. Tryouts take place in the Fall for 3rd through 5th grade students.

Chess Club

Encourages students to strategize and solve problems in a group setting. It also helps students learn respect for their competitors during games.

Dance Troupe

Performs at various school events. This is an environment where students further their skills in performing and perceiving through participation and observation. Practice takes place during the school day as an elective period for the student.

Debate Team

Empowers 4th graders and up by providing a fun way of developing oratory and analytic skills. This forum also encourages students to engage in local, national and global affairs.

Fencing Team

Available to 4th and 5th grade students, this team is highly focused on developing discipline and technical skills.

Robotics Team

A bright group of students who are interested in learning about and working with robots. Students design and build robots that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges.

Student Council

Consists of 5th grade students that are elected during the Spring semester of their 4th grade year. The student-led council instills a foundation in advocacy, civic engagement, and democracy while providing a voice to young leaders to effect change within their school.

Theater Club

Open to students that are interested in acting, production and stage work.

Vex Club

Focuses on coding and robotics explorations with hands-on and team-based activities.

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