PTA — Oct '18

o   Emily Chen opened the meeting

o   Monique Minto-Gonzalez presented the budget

o   Monique Minto-Gonzalez discussed the upcoming Spooky Fun House on 10/26

o   All volunteers welcome! Please can give as much time as you can, but no need to work the whole night.

o   Pre-Sale for the wrist bands to alleviate the line issues

o   Food tickets will be on sale the morning of the event as well

o   Stephanie Tocco - Mindfulness Teacher in NYC schools

o   Discussed her workshops on mindfulness which include Mindfulness Tools for the School, Home, and Family

o   Anyone interested should contact the PTA to be put in touch.          

o   Natalie Clunis discussed about Raise 11

o   Date for Raise 11 is May 10th

o   first committee meeting Saturday October 20 at noon

o   We need volunteers!!!!

o   Picture Day November 1 and 2 (paperwork will be placed in red folders)

o   Election Day Bake Sale

o   Even thought it is a midterm still be a lot of interest.

o   We need volunteers to provide baked goods for the bake sale!

o   Ron McGrew talked about Nets Tickets

o   first game is November 2  and students have a chance to get on the Jumbotron

o   Andrew Goodman – Schoolfoods

o   Only 20% of students are having breakfast!  All students are eligible!

o   Samples available at the general meeting of the different breakfast items

o   Lesley Duval and Erika Phillips gave a report about the School Wellness Committee

o   Be the healthiest school!

o   School Lunchtime Volunteers

o   Tuesday October  23 – Garden to Cafeteria Day

o   Upcoming Workshops and events include an Adult SoCa Class and Mr Rand’s  Teachers vs Parents Basketball Game

o   Joshua Bloodworth reminded everyone about Dad’s Night Out, hosted by the Parent Coordinator Mr Rand

o   Andrea Boffa spoke about the Readathon which begins on Monday October 22

o   Emily Chen adjourned the meeting.

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