PTA — Sep '18

Joshua Bloodworth called the meeting to order and welcomed the parents.

Joshua Bloodworth introduced the School Leadership Team and pointed out the parent members: Nicole Halsey, Erica Phillips, William Wickland, and Kara Benton-Smith

Monique Minto-Gonzalez spoke about the following:

  • Went over the financial report.

  • Fall ASE enrichment

  • Reminded everyone about Box Tops and the submission deadline October 31

  • The Spooky Funhouse theme:  Dios de Muertes

  • Reminded parents to sign up for the list serve

Joshua Bloodworth reminded parents about the importance of paying the dues to support the PTA funded academic and enrichment programs available to PS 11 students.

Joshua Bloodworth presided over the Expedited Elections

  • The following candidates were nominated and approved:

    • Financial Secretary – Keisha Vaughn

    • Development Chair – Natalie Clunis

Matt Blood spoke about the Garden Committee

  • Parents interested in joining can contact Matt Blood.

  • The committee is working to improve garden space and are looking to establish an outdoor classroom, compost bins, berry bushes and fruit trees

  • The Learning Garden Grant Celebration will be Wednesday October 3 from 10-11.  Representatives from Key Food, Dole Foods, and elected officials will be in attendance.

Lesley Duval from the School Wellness Committees spoke

  • The Wellness Committee provided handouts that included an overview of committee and suggestions for celebration

  • She called for lunch and recess volunteers

Qahira Smalls spoke about the volunteer Committee

  • Invited everyone to come out and volunteer

  • People can sign up to volunteer through the website where they can find a list of opportunities.

Naomi Hightower introduced the Grants Committee and Marketing Committee

Ron McGrew reminded parents to check out our beautiful swag.     

  • Future fundraiser – Nets Tickets

Ty Campbell introduced the Behan Saturday Arts Academy

  • It will be held from 12:30 – 2:00 and includes a number of new classes

  • There is a $40 registration fee

Bianca Donaldson reminded parents about the upcoming movie night

Nathalie Clunis discussed Raise 11!

  • This is a perfect Date Night

  • This year’s goal is to raise $100,000

  • Great Wines will be supplied.

Kimberley Murphy spoke about Class Parents

  • Informational Session & Brunch

Horus, a departing member of  the Community Educational Council, encouraged other PS11 parents to run . 

  • Information can be found at . 

  • A position on the council is for a two year term.

Natiesha Evans-Watt introduce Ms Hope

Ms Hope

  • leadership roles

Mrs. Rand

  • Announced that she is officially returning from maternity leave.

  • Discussed the state tests.

  • Described some of PS11’s residency programs.

  • Parent of former student who is now graduating from college discussed his journey through the school system.

Joshua Bloodworth adjourned the meeting.                

PTA Minutes