SLT — Feb '19

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting Minutes                             

Date: February 26, 2019  Call to Order @4:53 pm

 In attendance: Kara Benton-Smith, Erica Phillips, Nicole Halsey, Disera Freeman, Clement Rand, Carrie Nathaniel, Abidemi Hope, Constance Clark, Y. Beaton, Kate Malinowski   Absent: William Wickland, Emily Chen

 Discussion of Old Business Agenda Items

-       BP FY2020 application submitted for hydroponics classroom which will grow the Agriculture and Life Science Curriculum call with Josh Levin the BP’s scheduled for March 5th purpose of call is to highlight the best of PS 11

-       Excellence in School  Wellness Award application submitted currently PS 11 has 4 out of 7 criteria (active SWC council; SWC policy; indoor recess plan; and social emotional programming that reaches all students in place and thus eligible for Bronze award

-       School safety –reviewed enhancements to after school safety policies which adequately address the concerns raised by one 3rd grade parent at the last two SLT meetings

New Business Agenda Items

-       Principal report

o   Quality review to occur on 3/28 and 3/29 (8:30 am to 4Pm) last review was over 4 years ago. External auditors inclusive of the Executive Superintendent (Karen Waters) will evaluate student learning and impact, school culture and community activities. 2 weeks prior they generally inform those who they plan to interview

o   Classroom inter-visitations conducted among grade levels where teacher’s strengths are demonstrated as their grade level colleagues push into the classroom. Debriefing allows for constructive criticism and growth.

Upcoming events:

-       2/28 & 3/1 Black History Showcase

-       3/16 Scholars reception continues to grow started as 47 students now over 250

-       3/19 Book Bash

-       3/21 College tour to MIT (5th graders participating in special engineering residency)

-       Week of 3/25 Spirit Week

-       4/2 & 4/3 State ELA exams

-       5/1 & 5/2 State Math exam

-       Flatscreen TV’s installed in an attempt to reduce daytime calls asking about ongoing events, the volume of calls reduces staff productivity as they are non-urgent calls

§  Suggestion made to change the phone tree to direct parents to view the calendar online, calendar sent home and now the TV’s for calendar events 

Recess Plan

§  Reviewed draft of written outdoor and indoor recess plan that summarizes key components of both and can now serve as a training document/ guide for new staff

§  Ms. Clark suggested the addition of CPR and epinephrine pen training to page 5

§  Several members suggested adding a section on safety measures regarding how incidences are handled

§  Nicole suggested adding the development of student clubs as a student independent leadership component

CEP Section 5 supportive environment

§  Reviewed the submitted CEP action plan. Discussed the goal of evaluating changes in students social and emotional growth with a validated tool or developing one specific to PS 11’s needs

§  Discussed previous benchmarks used such as reduction in suspensions, gap in

academic grade performance boys vs girls

-       PS was the host site for the first North Brooklyn pre-teen Girls empowerment conference 7 schools across 3 districts spearheaded by Ms. Nathaniel


·         Staff led student groups to share programmatic goals with SLT members

·         Each SLT member to source, identify or bring ideas on tools/ questions that can be utilized to measure change in the social/ emotional growth of students that can be tailored to each respective grade

Meeting adjourned at 6:26 PM  next meeting  TUESDAY March 26th  @ 4:30 PM

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