SLT — Sep '18

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Kara Benton-Smith, William Wickland, Emily Chen, Abidemi Hope, Nicole Halsey, Disera Freeman, Clement Rand, Denise-Marie Leefoon, and Shanice Hammond 
Absent: Arita Sankar


Call to Order

Introductions of SLT members and attendees

Discussion of New Business Agenda Items

  • Review of team meeting process inclusive of attendance and quorum\

  • Reviewed number of members needed on the committee and current lack of 2 members (1 teacher and 1 D37 representative)

  • Future meeting dates discussed and consensus reached for the following dates

    • October 23rd

    • November 27th

    • December 18th

    • January 29th

    • February 26th

    • March 26th

    • April 30th

    • May 28th

    • June – TBD end of year celebration

  • Reviewed caregiver introduction letter to SLT members. Members asked to provide an email that can be readily used by PS11 caregivers who wish to reach out to them. Letter is not ready for distribution until full membership achieved.

  • Bylaws reviewed in detail with the following observations/ comments noted:

    • Edits suggested for the mission which were approved by consensus

    • Roles of fiscal officer and secretary discussed , Kara volunteered to be fiscal officer and role of secretary tabled to the next meeting

    • Group discussed decision making mechanism (quorum vs consensus). SLT aims to achieve consensus whenever possible. If consensus not achieved then discussions are tabled until consensus can be achieved.

  • Goals for the coming year

    • Develop strategies to enhance the school climate through parent focused workshops on social equality and inclusivity

    • Concerns were voiced about ensuring cultural identity especially among students of the African diaspora to ensure their history is embraced in the school curriculum

    • Concerns regarding the formation of “healthy relationships “especially among the upper grades related to puberty. In spite of several ongoing programs at PS 11 it was felt that there may be a need for one more focused on this topic. The city has recently launched a program that targets this specific area.

Action Items before next meeting

  • Ms. Hope to identify a second teacher for SLT membership

  • Mr. Rand to identify D37 member for the SLT

  • Nicole to look into the NYC healthy relationship programming

  • Ms. Hope to check in with Ms Nathaniel as she may have just attended the training

  • Erica to share results from survey on workshops that parents are interested in

  • Ms. Hope to present the CEP at the next meeting

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM

MinutesErica Phillips