SLT — Mar '19

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Kara Benton-Smith, William Wickland, Emily Chen, Abidemi Hope, Nicole Halsey, Disera Freeman, Ingrid-Constable Clark, Yolanda Beaton, Erica Phillips, Kate Milinoski
Absent: Emily Chen


Call to Order

Discussion of New Business Agenda Items

  • Review of NYC DOE comments on our CEP plan for this academic year

  • Reviewed parent questions for the upcoming QA review on March 29th

  • Reviewed plans for changing the current organization of class parents, based on feedback from teachers in the upper grades in the 2019-2020 school year there will only be class parents in the lower grades pre-k thru 2nd grade. Similar to this year there will only be 2 class parents per class teacher with the goal of engaging new parents each year. In order to not have the same parents serving as class parents every year teachers will:

    • receive a list of the prior years class parents

    • extend an invite for new parents to serve as the class parent ensuring equal balance

    • individual teachers will extend ideas to all parents informing them of the different ways that they can be helpful in the classroom, with a greater emphasis on learning about the curriculum

  • Reviewed the need to extend the current composition of the SLT to ensure cross over of members thus there will be SLT elections held this academic year to add to parent members; this will require two staff members also being added in order to maintain balance

  • Discussed upcoming parent workshops and scheduled dates

    • Kara will work with Ms Nathaniel, Jennifer Jaffee and Iris Masseolor on the format of the Talking about Race for parents. The question was raised can teachers participate or receive separate training.

  • Discussed the need for capital improvements to the staff break room in order to create a more appealing environment where staff can have lunch or just down time

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM

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