SLT — May '19

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Kara Benton-Smith, Emily Chen, Abidemi Hope, Nicole Halsey, Disera Freeman, Clement Rand, Carrie Nathaniel, William Wickland, Ron McGrew, Kate Seiner, Ingrid Constable-Clarke, Erica Phillips

Absent: Yolanda Beaton (jury duty)


Call to Order @ 5PM

Discussion of Old Business Agenda Items

  • Discussed feedback from Talking about Race with your Child workshop and next steps. Results clearly showed parents were supportive of the workshop but not enough time allocated to get to the meat of the workshop. Thus plan for part II in September 2019 and consider having at least 2 staff members attend the summer facilitator training in order to achieve sustainability.

  • Ron McGrew provided feedback on the bullying workshop. How to identify bullying and understanding normal childhood milestones was well covered however solutions was not. A concerning question from the floor was “When should I call the police?” Will plan for a fall workshop that covers identification of bullying and solutions applicable to elementary schools.

Discussion of New Business Agenda Items

  • SLT members shared reflections of the past years work and accomplishments inclusive of

    §  Addressing school wide safety concerns

    §  New school wellness initiatives with recent award as SWC of the year

    §  Two collaborative workshops “talking about race and bullying”

  • Discussed world language program and the inability to fiscally sustain the program in its current configuration. As the program is an after school enrichment program a configuration consistent with the current ASE programs which is fee based, is the most logical. Financial aid where possible will be provided for those current families who are unable to afford the cost of programming. While the Mandarin pricing is known the price for Spanish and French is not known at this time as vendors need to be vetted. Incoming kindergarten families will received an announcement about the fee based programming and have the ability to opt in for the coming school year. Concerns regarding the fee impacting on the “diversity” of the group. The group discussed the current demographic make-up of PS 11 overall as well as the language program classes. The group also discussed lessons learned regarding better communication and transparency regarding funding for programs that are not part of the core curriculum. Ideas regarding ways of improving transparency school wide were also discussed.

  • A new school wide communications plan was proposed. The plan is inclusive of a new communications team comprised of the PTA communication secretary, the SLT secretary and Parent Coordinator. Goals of the team will be to streamline communication, deliver messages more efficiently and utilize the appropriate modes of delivery.

  • Discussed school tours and the need for more SLT involvement, a more formalized volunteer process as well as the development of a frequently asked questions and answers response for volunteers. Tour guides need to be more equipped with data on school programming across all the years. Development of a handout that summarizes school programming for school tours could be very useful. .


     Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM  next meeting  THURSDAY June 13th @ 4:30 PM

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