SLT — Nov '18

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting Minutes

Date: November 27, 2018

 In attendance: Kara Benton-Smith, Rasheda Rand, Emily Chen, Erica Phillips, Nicole Halsey, Disera Freeman, Clement Rand, Carrie Nathaniel Absent: William Wickland, Abidemi Hope

 -       Call to Order @4:45 pm

-       Discussion of Old Business Agenda Items

o   SLT has not achieved full member representation, in spite of pulling back the time.  As there are few DC37 members in the school and they have all served on the SLT there is now a need to add two additional staff members to the SLT. Ms. Freeman will continue to solicit teachers and staff, there may need to be an extension to paraprofessional staff. Currently the aides are contracted employees and thus not eligible.

o   Nicole provided an update on Day one, the organization that can host safety in technology and safe relationship parenting focus workshops. Next steps is to identify a parent lead to follow up and vet what the organization has to offer.

-       New Business Agenda Items

o   Mrs. Rand attended the meeting on behalf of Mrs. Hope. She provided updates on the upcoming Bring your parents to school days, reviewed the success of parent teachers conference and shared that student led conferences will move down to second grade in the spring.

o   The group then shared and discussed their ideas for the proposed priority need that should be addressed in the 2018-2019 school year as it relates to a supportive environment. Specifically how does the school establish a classroom, and school culture where students feel safe, supported and challenged by their teachers and peers. The general consensus included the following strengths and areas for growth:

§  PS 11 has several social/ emotional initiatives in place including Boys to Men, Sister Circle, and now Habits of the Mind

§  Additionally the SWC is also addressing the social environment of the school with plans for a variety of parental workshops based on feedback and surveys of parents completed last year. Idea to poll parents about best times for workshops in order to offer workshops to reach those less engaged.

§  Current programming lacks an evaluation (informal and/or informal) evaluation process thus true impact has not been determined. Center for economic development was mentioned as a resource for possible formal programmatic evaluation

§  School environment may be divided into four groups 1) veteran teachers 2) new teachers 3) administration and 4) parents with the need for better connections between the four groups especially as it relates to new teachers to the culture at PS 11

o   After school safety concerns were brought to the groups attention by parent Clara Bouillon whose son Charlie is in Ms. Rahman’s. Clara who is a teacher in District 15 provided a comparison whereby at her respective school parents must stay on the ground floor and students are brought downstairs to a common meeting area. Parents cannot go the classroom for direct pick up. She expressed concerns of caregivers being able to enter the building and pick up children from classrooms and that there did not seem to be strict procedures in place related to the safety of the building after hours. The group reviewed the current safety procedures that are in place and agreed to review how they can be tightened.

o   SLT members Nicole, Emily, Karen and Erica visited the “medical room” to assess the appropriateness of it functioning as a “staff lounge.” Group discussed bringing back to the table a discussion about identifying an appropriate break room space for teachers and support staff.

Action Items before next meeting

-       Ms. Freeman to continue soliciting staff to recruit two more staff member to SLT

-       Erica to draft the SMART goal for the year and circulate to others for edits/ approval

 Meeting adjourned at 6:15 PM  next meeting  TUESDAY December 18th @ 4:30 PM  

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