SLT — Oct '18

School Leadership Team (SLT) Meeting Minutes

 In attendance: Kara Benton-Smith, Emily Chen, Abidemi Hope, Nicole Halsey, Disera Freeman, Clement Rand, Carrie Nathaniel, Jennifer Jaffee  Absent: William Wickland,

 -       Call to Order @5:45 pm

-       Discussion of Old Business Agenda Items

o   SLT has not achieved full member representation and thus discussed barriers to staff/ teacher participation. Possible barriers identified = late timing and over commitment due to the academic rigor expected at PS 11. Serving food also suggested. Additionally discussed that the SLT regulations states it should be a nomination process thus request placed on floor to remove Ms. Hope from the process of identifying a teacher and allow Ms. Freeman to freely discuss with the teachers during her routine UFT meetings. All agreed to this new process. In order to better accommodate the staff’s schedule all future meetings will start at 4:30 PM and include refreshments.

o   Discussed planning around various parent engagement workshops and the need to vet programs. Nicole will report back on the health relationship training being conducted in elementary schools funded by Steps to End family violence. Carrie, Jennifer and Kara have agree to attend the Dec 8th Talking about Race for Parents workshop led by the Center for Racial Justice. The early bird entry fee of $50 will be reimbursed by the PTA. Mrs. Hope is working with Iris Masselor our school representative from the NYC health department on a LGBTQ workshop.

 -       New Business Agenda Items

o   Discussed the need to develop one supportive environment goal for the year with goals for the midpoint assessment in March and end of the year in June (form attached to email)

o   Several emails received by school foods staff regarding the removal of chocolate milk and questions on the alternative menu, emails were forwarded to Ms Hope. Group consensus that this is an item to be addressed in SWC meetings and is not reflective of the general parent or student body desire, however should this continue to be a question a survey could be conducted.

o   Concerns from staff regarding the unkempt condition of the old medical room now utilized as a multidisciplinary room and staff lounge. Observations of dirty dishes in the sink, standing water, fruit flies, boxes scattered throughout and gym equipment. The room was cleaned out at the start of the year to make more appealing for the staff and has not been kept up. Ms Hope pointed out concerns regarding PTA concessions (ie: popcorn machine dripping butter on the floor) and being cited in recent inspection as a location that could harbor unwanted guests. Issues recognized as something needs to be addressed and tabled for a more detailed discussion of best approach to respectful use of the space by all parties.

 Action Items before next meeting

-       Ms. Freeman to discuss open seats on SLT with fellow teachers

-       Mr. Rand to identify D37 member for the SLT

-       Nicole to communicate with Steps to End Family Violence regarding Healthy Relationship Workshop

-       Ms Nathaniel, Jennifer Jaffe and Kara  Benton-Smith to take advantage of early bird registration for Dec 8th class and all attendees encouraged to identify comparable organizations

-       By Tuesday Nov 20th all SLT members should forward to Erica their responses to Section 5 (form attached)

 Meeting adjourned at 7:08 PM  next meeting  TUESDAY NOVEMBER 27TH @ 4:30 PM

MinutesErica Phillips